Facing the Future

Having enjoyed a long break from education over the summer months, the arrival of this climactic week was always going to feel abrupt, much like the sudden influx of autumn over the past few weeks. It’s been absolutely taters. For a lot of us, this was the week where we leave our hometowns and venture... Continue Reading →


Conquering the Capital

Once every so often I get the joy of receiving an excitable message on my LINE app from one of my friends in Japan, informing me that they will be soon venturing off their island to visit ours. I'm blessed to have made a lot of good, and long-lasting friendships over the years from exchanges... Continue Reading →

Forged in Thunder

The calendar has turned over to September, and the summer is sizzling away. A new kind of wind is blowing; a fresher, more crisp breeze now rushes through both the city streets and country woods.  Gusts of autumn, or winds of change; either way you think of it, we're beginning again. Having spent the week... Continue Reading →

Summing up Angloville

Having just returned to the UK, everything that has happened in the past few weeks in Poland unfortunately is no longer a reality, but instead a photo, a message, an article, or a memory. Either way, they're all stories, and goodness me they are some of the greatest stories I'll ever live to tell. Nothing... Continue Reading →

(Somehow) Stumbling Home

3:20am. I didn't want to leave, but I had to; this time I had to. I wished to stay with everyone and slip into the euphoria of drunken dreams but I genuinely couldn't. My stint in Poland was at its end and London was calling. It was 27th August, the day I was scheduled to... Continue Reading →

Completing Angloville

Dawn of the final day. From the moment I woke up, I was stunned at the thought that after three programmes, two venues, hundreds of Polish juniors, twenty-odd pens, and a thousand potatoes later, my Angloville adventure was nearing completion. What an unforgettable roller-coaster ride it's been. Before the certificate ceremony, I packed plenty in... Continue Reading →

The Last Night- both out and in

My final night in the city of Warsaw began the way it would inevitably end: in an Uber. The plan was to head back with Shannan to her hostel, drop off our bags, and then hit the LED streets for one final time with the Angloville crew from the past programme. The only slight issue... Continue Reading →

Good Disco, Good People

Having crawled through the first half of the week, I'm delighted to say that the persistence paid off wonderfully once we got into the jubilant celebratory atmosphere of the programme's second half. As much as I loathed my own drained demeanour, it was reassuring to know that it wasn't a battle I was fighting alone.... Continue Reading →

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