Halfway Home

2 exams down, 2 to go. We're getting there. Very slowly it seems, but we've got the longest part out of the way. The most I can say at this point is that Japanese is halfway done, and that I have provisionally completed microeconomics forever. ... Which is a thought that really massages the soul.... Continue Reading →


Readying for War

We dive straight into the second week of the exam term- the final week of classes, and even more emotionally, the final time I'll commute five days a week. Once this year is eventually over I'll write properly about the relief of regaining my soul back from Southeastern, but for now let's just say it's... Continue Reading →

Opportunities, not obstacles

The exam term is underway, and the first week of revision classes has passed. The five-day weeks continue for a little longer, as the normal timetable continues with Japanese. Economics on the other hand has been reduced to only a couple of revision lectures, but that's not to say they haven't been useful. Having the... Continue Reading →

Summer in Mind

The weather has been crazy recently. Despite supposedly being spring, we've had winter continue into March, and now all of a sudden it's summer. Temperatures climbed as high as 27 Celsius this week; thank goodness the marathon wasn't this weekend. In a sign of the times, I enjoyed watching the London Marathon elite race more... Continue Reading →

Betteshanger Marathon 2018

The day had finally arrived, and almost a year of waiting was over- today we found ourselves near the coastline in Deal for our 2nd marathon, aiming for a better run than last year, and hopefully a faster time. I was up at 5:30am to get all my gear ready, and to have a 1-mile... Continue Reading →

Betteshanger Marathon Preview

The waiting is almost over- it's been almost a year. The morning after completing my first marathon I could not wait to do it all again, and after a fair bit of waiting, and what I hope is enough training, we're almost at the start-line for a second time. Compared to last year, I'd like... Continue Reading →

Busting out the Bow Ties w/ The Boys

As Easter passes and the temperatures rise, things are gradually beginning to settle down. After accidentally recording a record weekly mileage during the first week of my taper, I am relieved to report that this week proceeded as scheduled, even ending on a positive note. As I've stated many times previously, my marathon training hit... Continue Reading →

The Road Ahead

We're at a turning point in the year. The Easter break is here, which means a whole month of revision is about to start. It's all about to change, the crazy roller-coaster ride of the past five weeks has come to an end. On Monday, I helped Yuna move out of her room and took... Continue Reading →

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