Summer in Mind

The weather has been crazy recently. Despite supposedly being spring, we've had winter continue into March, and now all of a sudden it's summer. Temperatures climbed as high as 27 Celsius this week; thank goodness the marathon wasn't this weekend. In a sign of the times, I enjoyed watching the London Marathon elite race more... Continue Reading →


Betteshanger Marathon 2018

The day had finally arrived, and almost a year of waiting was over- today we found ourselves near the coastline in Deal for our 2nd marathon, aiming for a better run than last year, and hopefully a faster time. I was up at 5:30am to get all my gear ready, and to have a 1-mile... Continue Reading →

Betteshanger Marathon Preview

The waiting is almost over- it's been almost a year. The morning after completing my first marathon I could not wait to do it all again, and after a fair bit of waiting, and what I hope is enough training, we're almost at the start-line for a second time. Compared to last year, I'd like... Continue Reading →

Busting out the Bow Ties w/ The Boys

As Easter passes and the temperatures rise, things are gradually beginning to settle down. After accidentally recording a record weekly mileage during the first week of my taper, I am relieved to report that this week proceeded as scheduled, even ending on a positive note. As I've stated many times previously, my marathon training hit... Continue Reading →

The Road Ahead

We're at a turning point in the year. The Easter break is here, which means a whole month of revision is about to start. It's all about to change, the crazy roller-coaster ride of the past five weeks has come to an end. On Monday, I helped Yuna move out of her room and took... Continue Reading →

With Yuna

All of a sudden, we find ourselves at the last week of the term. "Chaotic" probably isn't enough to do these past few weeks justice. What was planned to be five weeks where all the hard work would come together quickly descended into unprecedented mayhem. A lot of this has been beyond our control; life... Continue Reading →

Memorable Nights Under City Lights

The microeconomics assignment is over- I can only type that with relief, rather than pride. It took not just the one all-dayer, but two to completely finish. A lot of time was spent grimacing at the word count, realising how much I had to do. Most of the time however was spent scrolling through my... Continue Reading →

Winter: Extended Edition

Week 8 of the term: last year this is where it all came together, where assignments started to go really well and so was the marathon training. This year it's a different story, nothing's working yet because I'm doing my best from preventing this last microeconomics assignment from being a complete disaster. It's all fallen... Continue Reading →

Warren Vs The Snow

Following the elation from last weekend's speech contest triumph, I was keen to move on swiftly in order to tackle the next issue keeping me awake at night- this economics assignment. This assignment is particularly grotesque as every micro student I have spoken to agrees that even comprehending the question is proving difficult. So, as... Continue Reading →

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