Columbia 1-1 England (3-4 Pens): First Ever Penalty Shootout Win

Tonight will live very long in the memory. Over the past decade my mates and I have shared some special moments watching England, but I think this one might just top it. The last time England won a knockabout match in a major tournament was all the way back in 2006, a time when we... Continue Reading →


Gits at Margit

After tragically missing out last year, the boys and I managed to find a gap in our schedules to escape to the coast and attack that beach amidst the gorgeous weather we've been having lately. After a two year absence, we made our glorious return to Margate for a day of sun, sea, and Sega... Continue Reading →

England 6-1 Panama & Ethan’s 20th

The World Cup continues with England's second fixture against Panama, the game which on paper should be the easiest we'll play at the entire tournament. With Belgium ploughing through Tunisia 5-2, a win would see us confirmed for the knockout stages. The task was simple, but knowing England from previous tournaments we would probably make... Continue Reading →

Tunisia 1-2 England

England's World Cup campaign has begun, and football is very much coming home. The streets were loud and alive on Monday evening, as we've started with a win, our first in the World Cup for 8 years, amazingly. The evening started in unorthodox fashion; we all agreed to watch the game at the Prince of... Continue Reading →

Miss you Dad. I couldn't find the second Dreamcast controller this morning, so I assume you took it with you. I hope you're happy up there.

Medway 10K 2018

It had essentially been a year in the making, months of "wouldn't it be good to enter" and "I'll see if I can get fit" between Joe and me which really just boiled down to us being too busy to commit to anything. But one day we both simply just registered, and our places on... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Day 2018: Solo

It feels like an age since we were last gathered outside of Nando's in December ahead of the release of Episode VIII, in reality however only 6 months have passed. This was the shortest wait for a Star Wars film we've ever had, although none of the novelty was lost as for the first time... Continue Reading →

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