On the Sidelines

The toughest weeks are the ones which you cannot prepare to endure. Having no means of facing obstacles when you have no knowledge they'll be there is what causes the biggest problems. Expect the unexpected: yes, but prepare for the unexpected? How? It's a common trend for not just one thing to go wrong, but... Continue Reading →


Sparks and Showers

A lot of necessary work was completed this week. At the same time, two long awaited results finally arrived. A gruelling ten day shift met its end, ten days in which from the moment I woke up to the point where my eyes ached with fatigue, I had to ensure my resources for Term 1... Continue Reading →


It's a new year. And how strange it feels to once again hang up a calendar filled with 365 blank dates ahead. More than just a new year, 2017 marks the beginning of a new period of long-term ambitions. Previous years have blissfully continued off the back of each other. A return to school, and... Continue Reading →

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