Back in the Bubble

This is where it gets testing. We've definitely got our work cut out for these upcoming five weeks. It's the second half of the second term. Exams cannot take priority just yet, as there are still three essays, and three presentations which must be completed by 20th March. This will definitely be the most demanding... Continue Reading →


Door into Summer

The term at university may be imminently resuming, but today proved that one influx of the past can pave the way for what lies much further ahead. I had not anticipated that today, a day which was originally a now traditional last Deaf Cat visit before returning to London, would be sparked into life by... Continue Reading →

Greener Ground

Familiar surroundings, and familiar faces. In just a few days it is astonishing how distant the concrete bubble we know as London can feel. Outside the grey streets I forgot just how much green there was in the world- a profound effect of living in the city. The skies have been bluer lately, aided by... Continue Reading →

Half Time

The walk home today certainly required the maximum volume one can hope to achieve from JVC headphones. It was required to blast out the stresses of the past five weeks which made up the first half of Term 2. With my flashcards written and filed under their coloured drawing pins, the five week plan is... Continue Reading →


And breathe. It has been quite a weekend. An almost emotional run, an exhausting all-nighter in Oxford, and a day around London's front cover with some good friends. I've done more than I was initially anticipating in two days, but here I am relaxing at the end of it, and overall I have more reasons... Continue Reading →


With last week's injury woes refusing to fade, working through the week proved to be another tough task. With my marathon training plan scheduled to commence this week, I was keen to get back out onto the road and start collecting the miles once again. However, with the difficulties of last week in mind, a... Continue Reading →

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