Finishing the Job

With the main target of submitting this term's assignments fulfilled, the fifth and final week of Term 2's latter half came around rather quickly. Turning over to the final page on my schedule revealed a more forgiving outlook of the week, bearing considerably less pressure now that each essay and presentation had been completed. Still... Continue Reading →


Beyond the Finish Line

Following the drama and jubilation of last week, it was important from Monday morning to return directly into the working mindset. As tempting as it may be to look back on past success, this term's programme is still far from complete. However, the end is coming into view. It was easy to overlook the troubles... Continue Reading →

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon 2017

After weeks of injuring myself, and encountering various setbacks which drew doubts over whether I would be up for the 13.1 miles, I can honestly say that last Sunday was one incredible day. Finishing not just this race, but the whole week felt just a tiny bit climactic; billed as a smaller version of what... Continue Reading →


It's a matter of hours until the gun fires at Silverstone, and soon I really ought to get to sleep, but first it's important to take a quick recap on what has been a great week, and to look ahead to what should be a memorable day tomorrow. First of all, the hardest part is... Continue Reading →

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