It’s a matter of hours until the gun fires at Silverstone, and soon I really ought to get to sleep, but first it’s important to take a quick recap on what has been a great week, and to look ahead to what should be a memorable day tomorrow.

First of all, the hardest part is over. Going into this week I was fully aware that this one would throw up the most challenges, and looking back now, I am pleased to say it has been a real turning point in the entire year.

On Wednesday was the big economics presentation which underwent some real intense preparation. The first time I ran through the 35 slides I finished mere seconds after the 20 minute time-limit. From then on, I was anxious to try it again, knowing I would have to race through my words to cram it all in. The second time, I had memorised every slide, and discovered that once you start to see the logic in what you’re explaining, presenting goes a lot smoother. It thus came as a pleasant surprise, and a great relief, when the real thing had no slip-ups.

It was strange, but immediately I was able to get comfortable in running through my presentation to the class, and towards the end began to really enjoy it. Miraculously, my tutor was very complimentary after, and I achieved a solid mark.

From that point onwards, I’ve been ecstatic, brimming with energy, and ready to tackle everything left to do in this term.

What was nicest though with the presentation was how kind everyone was. Talking to Tresco before the presentation actually did wonders for the nerves, and then a chat after with Glenda, Sita and Zahrah meant I went and had one of the best runs since that knee injury.

It was this positivity that spurred me onto successfully deliver another presentation in my Japanese lecture the following day. SOAS is starting to feel a lot smaller now, in the sense that I’m finally starting to recognise a community, despite being in four completely different classes. I feel like I’m rediscovering myself again, and lately each day has felt a lot more rewarding. On Friday, Paul let me join him, Victor, and Tommy for one of their weekly basketball sessions. I can honestly say I had a blast, and didn’t expect to enjoy basketball so much. I find myself looking ahead in excitement now for the next week.

First though of course, is this half marathon, which I must admit, took over my mind in excitement when I still had to finish a Japanese essay. Finishing this week’s assignment was seriously gruelling, but the thought of being able to open the new Morning Musume ’17 single afterwards was that bit of motivation needed, and I can assure you that it was fully worth it.

As for tomorrow, which will become today in less than 15 minutes, I will be running with the support of so many generous people behind me. It really has amazed me that we’ve managed to raise £316, surpassing the targets I set twice! I really am very grateful to everyone; friends, family, and even some incredible people at SOAS who have helped so much. Tomorrow will be a celebration of our efforts so far. It will also be a mental war, and a reminder that the ultimate goals lie much further ahead, but closer than we think.

I’m ready to challenge myself, and to go further than before especially after injury. It’s these ordeals which make us so much stronger, which I’m sure my friend Wakana can agree with. I would like to say a huge congratulations to her for passing her university entrance exams- I could sense the jubilation in her words.

These things prove to us that hard work, and dedication each day can take us an incredibly long way. Let’s hope it takes me 13.1 miles tomorrow.

Also, my good mate Adam has recently began setting up his own platform for spreading valuable moral messages that apply to us all, no matter what the background. If you have time, please give this video a check, and give the man some deserved support for making a positive impact.


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