Revision Rush Part I

Time is of the essence. We're back in the bubble, and we have just over two weeks to prepare for the first wave of exams. I arrived back in London on Monday night with four bags full of belongings, and a head on the verge of bursting from so many flashcards. I unpacked everything, and... Continue Reading →


To Each Office

The final week of the spring holiday has come and gone in an instant. Most are already back at school/university, and a strangely welcome sense of urgency has suddenly crept in over the past seven days. This week has ended in very different circumstances to how it started, and that's partly because a suspected hydraulics... Continue Reading →

Testing Times

It's the exam period, and this is its most difficult part. You may wonder why, considering the fact that the actual period in which we sit this year's papers still lies just under a month away, but it's these distant, yet not so distant weeks (as we mentioned previously) that pose the biggest challenge, while... Continue Reading →

Ever Closer, Ever Distant

This particular point in the year is glorious. We're in the midst of a fortnight where Easter lies just around the corner, the buds of almost every tree in sight finally burst, and the temperature regularly soars to new highs. Even during a week full of memorable evenings, the nature of the academic year means... Continue Reading →

With Those Important

The screaming sirens are silent, the air breathable once more, and the whole world is suddenly a luscious green. No, we haven't gone back in time, we have escaped from the maze of London's skyscraper metropolis, and returned to the familiar, quieter community of the Medway Towns. For the first time since mid-February, the academic... Continue Reading →

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