Kent Circuit Marathon 2017

Twelve months ago, the idea of running a marathon would never have crossed my mind. Five months ago, I had never ran further than five miles, because I was never any good at long distance running. For years I had struggled with breathing; I had no stamina at all. I would be subbed off early... Continue Reading →


Fighting to the Start

Angst and injury; a combination I've become all too familiar with in the past five months. The marathon is merely days away, yet just like Silverstone, we have found ourselves in a race to the start line. It is once again my left ankle which is the source of my latest disability, only this time... Continue Reading →

Fluctuating Fortunes

And so the second phase of the exam period comes to an end. For this entire week and beyond, the discourse of study has switched from economics to Japanese ahead of three more exams, two of which came this week. It was a week that started bright, but towards the end evoked a big spike... Continue Reading →

Endless Days (Economics Daze)

Whether busy, or preparing to be busy, this week I've gone to bed each night feeling like I've lived a life in a day. Well, saying "I've gone to bed" implies it was a conscious action, when in reality every night saw me recklessly crash onto the mattress, my body bind itself in the duvet,... Continue Reading →

Revision Rush Part II

Another page turned on the calendar; another month. Another page crossed off on the schedule; another week. ... As the sequence of affairs so decides, until now. It's May; classes are over, and so is training. This week, every single aspect of preparation completed its course. "Revise until you're ready"; "complete the last training run".... Continue Reading →

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