Storyville- Tokyo Girls Review

On Tuesday night the BBC aired a one-hour documentary based on the life of Tokyo-based 'idol' Rio Hiiragi, and her legions of 'brothers' who will seemingly stop at nothing to follow her, attend her concerts, and buy her merchandise. 'Tokyo Girls' attempts to offer an insight into the life of an idol, and the superfans... Continue Reading →


Return to Rochester

Summer kicked up a gear this week. As the temperatures soared to highs of 33.3℃- breaking records that have stood since 1976- it wasn't long before I was back on familiar high streets, enjoying this blistering heat. On the subject of records, for the first time since 2006 it appears I might finally be getting... Continue Reading →

Departing Dankweedy

After nine months in the student halls of Dinwiddy House, based in the star-studded Zone 1 area of London, my contract was finally set to expire, and my time in the capital would come to an end- at least for the first year, anyway. Ahead of me was one final week of noise eroding the... Continue Reading →

Finishing the First Feud

It's been a week of pure drama. My penultimate week in London began with the tensions of one final exam, followed by the sheer explosiveness of the election, before ending with further excitement in the F1 and football. It's been a cracking way to round off a tough year. The Final Exam After a tortuous... Continue Reading →

On Top of the World

We often forget how small and vulnerable we really are. It's ironic really, considering how big our world appears in front of us. When walking down any street, particularly in bustling cities such as London, we are swallowed by a jungle of concrete and steel. Buildings outsize and surround us; cars out-speed and transport us.... Continue Reading →

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