Switching to Polish Priorities

All of a sudden, we have become very busy. With the flight to Poland booked for Saturday 5th August, there is now an almost overwhelming necessity to focus on preparing for the three-week stint abroad. It's been a week where I've had to change my priorities- bringing Poland to the forefront, with other smaller projects... Continue Reading →


A Vintage Week

After a brief week of hibernation to recharge my batteries, it's safe to say we've come back with all guns blazing- the past seven days have been a series of sensational breakthroughs. Sometimes a little rest is all that is needed to resume normality, other times the extra energy can propel you even further than... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Week

So much time, so much daylight, and so many possibilities. So far this summer has been the sizzling slice of life that I had long been awaiting, and to think we're only in mid-July is certainly surprising. I've been relaxed when it comes to making plans because well, time is very much on our side,... Continue Reading →

A Female Doctor: Destined for failure?

The announcement of Peter Capaldi's successor as the thirteenth incarnation of The Doctor was always going to spark intense backlash and debate. When the announcement came earlier today, inevitably the internet went straight into overdrive. In an era where the concept of gender is more open than ever to interpretation, alongside the rise of the... Continue Reading →

Every Shade of Blue

I had a feeling this week would be a good one, and it definitely did not disappoint. An amazing night at Tap, gorgeous weather, and another strong week of running, later rewarded by a very successful barbecue. After the previous tensions, this has definitely been the best week of the summer so far. Fuelling the... Continue Reading →

Bottas: Championship Contender?

The media frenzy over the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel from a fortnight ago continued to overshadow proceedings as F1 headed to Austria for the ninth round of the 2017 season. While all attention focused on the championship contenders' off-track interactions, one man did all of his talking on the track, and has... Continue Reading →

Summer Sweat

Ever since we were released from the confines of secondary education last year, the mere word "Tap" has fully lodged itself into the vocabulary of essentially anyone who has a regular view of the traffic cone forever sitting on the statue of Thomas Waghorn. It's a term which has become synonymous with summer in Medway,... Continue Reading →

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