The Last Weeks: Up and Down in Every Sense of the Word

This last fortnight is always a bit of a struggle. As a consequence of going all out last week for the assignment, this week (and most likely the next) I've been reduced to a walking corpse. It feels a bit like a Sunday league match the morning after a hefty night out;  the body is... Continue Reading →


Finding Hell

My experience at university is at times uncannily poetic; I gave this second part to the first term on my schedule the cute title of "Find Hell" in anticipation for the absolute storm about to come. It just so happens then that I spent most of this week lounging in Satan's living room. It always... Continue Reading →

To Win is to not Lose

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the toughest point in the year. The days are shorter, but at the same time longer. Time drags, but you never really have enough of it. The work piles up, deadlines loom, and end of term exams only add to rapidly rising stress levels. Yes, the... Continue Reading →

Why such a rush?

We spin the globe too quickly these days. Can it still be considered ironic that, in the modern world of instant gratification, we're still frantically thrashing around in a hurried rush to see out every errand? Getting from A to B is now instantaneous; we have cars in our drives and roads which connect us... Continue Reading →

Pokémon on the Big Screen

Continuing into reading week, and Monday has been an absolute gem of a day. The morning saw a return to running, and a return to form with a solid amount of miles logged without my quad injury coming back to bite. Later on in the day, once the frost had cleared, I managed a really... Continue Reading →

Bonfire Night in Oxford

Nights up in Oxford never fail to deliver. Last year, the brief journey along the A40 to reach the modern and snazzy campus of Oxford Brookes University would always result in a thoroughly enjoyable night with Matthew and his mates. University life at Brookes is a world away from the atmosphere within SOAS and London;... Continue Reading →

Grinding to a Halt

One week to get through to see out the first quarter of the year. I wanted to end strongly, with all of my work completed so that I could spend reading week recharging my batteries. Despite the obstacles, we've made a productive start to one horrifically challenging year. I know how much work is required... Continue Reading →

Eyes on the Prize

"We are now going to do some 'micro-reading'" Kelly-Sensei announced as she distributed this week's Japanese reading class text. "Oh please Lord no more" I thought as traumatic flashbacks of Lagrange multipliers immediately infiltrated my mind. I reached the end of last week with the conclusion that I needed to seriously up my game. Heading... Continue Reading →

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