Medway 10K 2018

It had essentially been a year in the making, months of "wouldn't it be good to enter" and "I'll see if I can get fit" between Joe and me which really just boiled down to us being too busy to commit to anything. But one day we both simply just registered, and our places on... Continue Reading →


Betteshanger Marathon 2018

The day had finally arrived, and almost a year of waiting was over- today we found ourselves near the coastline in Deal for our 2nd marathon, aiming for a better run than last year, and hopefully a faster time. I was up at 5:30am to get all my gear ready, and to have a 1-mile... Continue Reading →

Kent Circuit Marathon 2017

Twelve months ago, the idea of running a marathon would never have crossed my mind. Five months ago, I had never ran further than five miles, because I was never any good at long distance running. For years I had struggled with breathing; I had no stamina at all. I would be subbed off early... Continue Reading →

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon 2017

After weeks of injuring myself, and encountering various setbacks which drew doubts over whether I would be up for the 13.1 miles, I can honestly say that last Sunday was one incredible day. Finishing not just this race, but the whole week felt just a tiny bit climactic; billed as a smaller version of what... Continue Reading →

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