One Sickly Boi Introduces: Future Funk

Well ladies and gentlemen he's bed-bound and out of action once again. While my first year at university was all about those chronic overuse injuries, it's evident at this point that the second year is all about the throat-ripping, stomach-destroying illnesses which are crippling me beyond belief. For the third time this academic year I... Continue Reading →


Why such a rush?

We spin the globe too quickly these days. Can it still be considered ironic that, in the modern world of instant gratification, we're still frantically thrashing around in a hurried rush to see out every errand? Getting from A to B is now instantaneous; we have cars in our drives and roads which connect us... Continue Reading →

Storyville- Tokyo Girls Review

On Tuesday night the BBC aired a one-hour documentary based on the life of Tokyo-based 'idol' Rio Hiiragi, and her legions of 'brothers' who will seemingly stop at nothing to follow her, attend her concerts, and buy her merchandise. 'Tokyo Girls' attempts to offer an insight into the life of an idol, and the superfans... Continue Reading →

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