Another Brandon Birthday Bash

We may be days away from the beginning of another term at university, but we've stayed put in Medway for one last night on the lively streets of Rochester. The unforgettable three weeks that has been the winter break came to a nice conclusion on Friday night, as we all headed into Spoons to celebrate... Continue Reading →


Rummaging around Rochester

After a relaxed few days, the crew reassembled for the first non-alcoholic outing of the year- the pre-uni Deaf Cat gathering in Rochester. With various work commitments putting a strain on time, we made the unusual decision to meet earlier in the day, giving us access to a much less-densely populated high street. The quiet... Continue Reading →

New Years 2018- The Gravesend Gathering

We definitely welcomed 2018 in suitable style. I would say it was a brilliant night, although considering I got in at 4pm the celebrations practically extended to the full 24 hours. To see off 2017, we gathered at Lily's gaff in Gravesend for what would become an evening of aggressive beer pong, competitive Mario Kart,... Continue Reading →

Crashing to a Colourful Climax

Imagine perfect tranquillity: not a movement, nor a thought, nor a feeling- just existence, just peace. Imagine being released from your body into something, somewhere, that is beyond earthly sights and sounds, somewhere distant, but strangely close; somewhere desolate, but with a liberating freedom. Now imagine the ringer is turned up to maximum on your... Continue Reading →

Finding Hell

My experience at university is at times uncannily poetic; I gave this second part to the first term on my schedule the cute title of "Find Hell" in anticipation for the absolute storm about to come. It just so happens then that I spent most of this week lounging in Satan's living room. It always... Continue Reading →

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